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Foodsaver vs Ziploc Vacuum Sealers: Which Brand is Better?

The thing about food is that it’s never the loyal friend you think it is. You can basically do whatever you possibly can to make it last longer in your kitchen, but ​without exception ​it will eventually perish. So what can be done to ​extend the shelf-life of food to its maximum? Well, the answer […]

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How to Vacuum Seal Soup

Soups offer a light and nutritious way to refuel and can also help to build up an appetite. Soups are especially desireable on days when you may be feeling a bit under the weather and long for warmth and comfort. But opening a can of soup isn’t appetizing at all and making a fresh batch can seem like a long and tiring process that you just don’t have the strength for.

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Can You Reuse Vacuum Sealer Bags?

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you are familiar with vacuum sealing as the most popular method for food storage. No one wants to eat food that has an odd taste and is past its expiry date, which is the main reason why you need to ensure the proper storage conditions for different types of food. We are not talking about preserving methods that are popular for jams or spread – no, we are thinking about storing sandwiches, marinated fish and meat, cheese, and other fresh or cooked food that may spoil fast. 

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