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How Long Does Vacuum-Sealed Food Last?

Vacuum sealing protects and preserves food for longer, keeping it fresh and safe to eat for extended periods of time. This is because vacuum sealing performs several important functions in preventing food spoilage: Prevents Oxidation While oxygen is essential to life and health when breathed, exposure to oxygen can actually spoil foods. When the fats […]

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Does Vacuum Sealing Prevent Freezer Burn?

The term ‘freezer burn’ is misleading: even though frozen raw meat may look brown or grey, freezer burn isn’t a “burn” at all. The condition we call freezer burn is actually tissue damage that occurs when meats and other foods are stored improperly or for too long. What is Freezer Burn? You may have noticed […]

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Do You Need a Vacuum Sealer for Sous-Vide?

Sous-vide is more than just a foodie fad. Sous-vide is a method of cooking that has been utilized by professional chefs in restaurants for years. It delivers perfectly cooked food, to precisely preferred temperatures, every time. Unlike traditional cooking methods, in which it is almost impossible to deliver evenly cooked food as heat transfers from […]

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